General information

ELNESS SRL was established in 1991 within the electricity engineering activity range, we are an electrical equipment producer.

In the English version of this website you can find some information about our products

  • Low voltage power factor correction capacitors: 230, 400, 440, 480, 525 si 690V
  • Medium voltage power factor correction capacitor up to 24 kV
  • Contactor for capacitors, regulators, detuned reactors
  • Furnace capacitors (medium frequency)
  • Capacitors for power electronics (commutating, filtering, low inductance for GTO thyristors and IGBT transistors, etc.)
  • DC and AC Power supplies, UPS
  • Electrical Distribution Equipment for Energy Systems
  • Fixed and automatic low voltage capacitor banks and medium voltage capacitor banks
  • Low voltage capacitor banks with harmonic filtering and medium voltage capacitor banks with harmonic filtering
  • Complete service in power factor correction and power system evaluation

ELNESS SRL is a Romanian company having relevant expertise in the quality of electric energy industry field and owning a leading position on the Romanian market in low and medium voltage power factor correction. Our products are built with professionalism and good quality, we offer first class solutions for the reduction of costs of reactive energy in industrial main power systems.

Ecology and environmental policy are a great concept for ELNESS, therefore the company has been using only non toxic, ecological materials.

Welcome to ELNESS:

  • our motto: flexibility, competece, promptitude
  • experience: 15 years in this domain, 25 years of designing electrical equipment
  • high quality products and satisfied customers